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What is Airsoft?

Where did Airsoft come from?

Airsoft originated in Japan in the early 1980′s as the Japanese answer to the American craze of Paintball. As the technology got better over the years, airsoft guns gained much greater performance, airsoft as we know it developed into the combat sport it is today. Across Japan, South East Asia, North America and Europe there are hundreds of thousands of players who put on their combat gear, heave on their webbing and grab their rifles each weekend.

How do Airsoft guns work?

Most airsoft guns fire 6mm plastic pellets (or BBs) at relatively low speeds fast enough to feel, but slow enough not to cause serious injury. They can fire the BB’s up to ranges of 150ft, but are a lot less painful than a paintball when they hit you. The many weapons have both semi and full auto capability and they look like their real world counterparts. Airsoft guns look like the real thing so are legally classed as a Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF) by the government.

Who can play Airsoft?

Airsoft Skirmishing is great fun! No matter what age gender or level of physical fitness you have, everyone can enjoy it. Like Paintball, Airsoft is primarily a team sport and players quickly learn that working together can win a game.


Is it like Paintball or other Combat Sports?

Some scenarios may seem familiar to those who have played Paintball or Laser games. However, the addition of real military tactics, full automatic/longer range weapons and amazing locations, add a new dimension to what you may have experienced before. Airsoft has many advantages over other combat sports;


  • Realism: Sites run realistic scenarios that will appeal to everyone who enjoy action movies or play combat based computer and console games. The range of weapons available is staggering and you can get everything from assault rifles, silenced pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and even heavy machine guns if you want to lay down heavy covering fire. In short, you can play the character that you always wanted to.

  • Cost: Airsoft average cost is usually a lot cheaper than paintball. This is mainly because the ammunition is a lot cheaper at arond £10.00 for 3,000 airsoft BB’s. When you hire equipment you get lots of ammunition as part of your package. It’s down to the individual how much they use but usually 3,000 is plenty for one day!

How do you know when you are ‘HIT’?

Unlike Paintball where players are marked when hit, Airsoft uses an honour system whereby you call yourself out when hit. Games normally have 'medic' and 'regen' rules which means you may only be 'out of the game for a few minutes' no one sits out for the rest of the game when hit. Airsoft gamers are therefore very honest and friendly, with a strong worldwide community. We have marshals that monitor the games and will promptly address any concerns players may have. Sportsmanship is the key!

Is it safe?

Your health & safety are EXTREMELY important to us. Our fully trained and professional staff provide a full safety brief at the start of the day and in game Marshals ensure safe operation throughout your day. Airsoft equipment like most things in life is perfectly safe provided you adhere by the rules and respect it. All players are fully insured and are required to READ and SIGN an insurance waiver.

Now we’ve got your attention why not book yourself a game?

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