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The rules are there first and foremost, for your safety. Any breach of the site rules will be dealt with by site staff and may result in a site ban. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Safe Zone


The safe zone is a SAFE ZONE. This means that it is an area where eye protection can be removed. To ensure this, ALL magazines will be removed from weapons and chambers cleared (by firing a few shots away from the safe zone) before entering the safe zone. There is also no dry firing in the safe zone. Weapon maintenance can be carried out, but test firing must be done outside of the safe zone.


Cotswold Airsoft will not be held responsible for security of personal belongs or vehicles parked while at the site. Any items left in the safe zone or in parked vehicles are at the owner’s risk.


Site Safety/Conduct


ALL participants must sign in and this means you have read the site rules and understand them, anyone under 16 must have a guardian over 18 sign then in


The speed limit from the road (B4479) to the car park is 5 MPH, this is for your safety.


It is strongly recommended that full face masks are worn which include ballistic eye protection. At a bare minimum, some form of eye protection must be worn. Cotswold Airsoft?? Will not be held responsible for any injury caused, if you do not wear full face protection, you do so at your own risk.


Participants under the age of 16 MUST wear full face protection.


Eye protection must be worn, at all times, in all areas other than designated safe zones.

When moving from safe zone to game areas all weapons must remain unloaded


If your eye protection becomes unusable during a game, DO NOT remove it. Shout “CEASE FIRE” and get the attention of a marshal who will assist.


Strong boots with good soles and ankle protection are recommended given the nature of the terrain. This is a largely untouched woodland so expect the terrain to be uneven, slipy and in some areas, fairly steep. There will also be low hanging branches to be aware off and well as dead fall on the ground. Please be aware of your environment at all times.


Do not climb trees or any structures unless identified safe by the site staff.


Do not dig holes or intentionally damage the woodland in any way.


NO blind firing. You must be able to see your target before engaging, this included shooting through smoke.


NO firing at any animals on site, offenders will be ejected from the site.


NO firing within 15 meters of a public road/path. Routes through the site will be closed off prior to the day’s game play. If anyone spots a “civilian” in the area, shout “CEASE FIRE” and inform a marshal.


Abusive and or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Anyone behaving in this manner will be ordered back to the safe zone. They will be allowed to re-join the game after a suitable ‘cooling off’ period. Any repeat of abusive or aggressive behaviour will result in that person being ordered to leave the site immediately.


Always listen to and follow the instructions of the marshals.


Accidents and injuries must be reported to the site marshals. If necessary, they will remove you from the game for treatment and to record the incident in the accident book. If serious, there are procedures in place to contact the emergency services.


In the unlikely event of a fire, shout “CEASE FIRE” and bring this to the attention of a marshal and follow their instructions.


The first aid post is located in the safe zone.


The fire muster point is the car park.




Airsoft is a social sport that requires honesty and integrity, only you know for sure if you have been hit. Once hit, shout “HIT” (or words to that effect), raise one hand in the air and either sling your weapon or point the barrel to the sky. Please understand that more than one BB may be in flight before you feel the first hit. If you do not take your hit, you may be persuaded to by the enemy who will continue to engage you more aggressively. However this is not encouraged. If someone is not taking their hits, please bring this to the attention of a marshal.


Remember, it only takes one BB to eliminate your enemy. Overkill will not be tolerated.


Where possible, please aim for the centre of mass of your target, this means avoiding head shots where it is practicable. It can be painful and frustrating to receive a headshot but we understand that from time to time, the target may only present their head.


If you a stealthy enough to get within a few meters of you target, offer them to surrender or “take the hit”, please do not “brass them up” from 2 meters away. This is encouraged, but not a rule.


Only direct hits count, this includes “lobbed” or arched shots where you aim above your target hoping it to drop on the enemy. Ricochets do not count. GUN HITS??




Re-spawn rules will be briefed at the start of each game. This could be an identified re-spawn point or having to withdraw a certain distance from where you were hit. Camping on a re-spawn point is not allowed, you must inform a marshal if you feel this is happening.


If you have reached your re-spawn limit, you must remove yourself from the game and observe from the designated area.




The marshals are primarily there for your safety and to ensure the game is run fairly. We know that a marshal will be hit at some point, but they are not targets and are to be treated as non-combatant. If you repeatedly engage a marshal you may be removed from the game. Please note our marshals will shoot back!


Marshal’s decisions are final.




We are a BIO ONLY site meaning that only plastic biodegradable BBs are permitted for use. You are free to bring your own BBs but they will be subject to inspection by site staff to ensure that they are bio.


Although you are free to bring your own pyro, we cannot guarantee it will be allowed for use on site. Bio BBs and pyro are available for sale on site. If in doubt, check with a marshal.


Site Limits (FPS/Energy)


All weapons brought to site will be chronographed before being allowed for use. Weapons will also be subject to re-test at any point during the day.


Short Barrelled Weapons (Pistols/Revolvers) – Gas, Electric, CO2

350 Max using 0.20g


Shotguns – Single Shot, Multiple Shot, Gas, Spring

350 Max using 0.20g


Full Automatic Weapons - AEG, GBB

350 FPS Max using 0.20g


Single Shot Rifles – Spring, Gas Sniper, etc

500 Max using 0.20g WITH a minimum engagement distance of 30 meters. NO engaging targets closer than 30 meters. This will be enforced by the marshals; repeat offenders may be removed from that game. Marshal’s discretion will be used.


Two markers will be placed 30 meters apart near the safe zone. This is to aid in judging the distance.


DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle)


If the DMR has the capability to be fired in full automatic, it falls in the AEG category. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If it is only capable of firing in semi automatic, if falls in the Single Shot Rifle category. It must be proven/demonstrated to the marshals that the weapon CANNOT be fired in full automatic mode.


If any weapon is found to be over the limit, it will not be allowed into game zones. A rental weapon will be made available at full price (subject to availability) to the user of such weapons.


Any attempt to deceive site staff of the muzzle velocity/power of their weapon will result in the weapon being barred for that day and the user may suffer a temporary/life site ban.

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