Prices and Equipment Hire

Opening Hours

(Please try to arrive for 9AM – 9.15AM)
Site safety/Rules brief starts 9:30AM.
(or when light stops play).

Prices as of 09/03/2016


Walk on Fee:


  • £25.00 (Does not include lunch, however free hot drinks are available on-site) Hot food, canned drinks and snacks are available at our shop. 


Please pay on arrival. Booking is not required, but if you wish to let us know you are coming on the Facebook page.


Hire Packages: Please add "note to seller" stating your name for booking ID.


  • £25.00  includes: AEG, magazine, battery, mask and 1 bottle of BB's



NOTE: Rental does NOT include the walk on fee.




Please contact us via email before booking any rental weapon to avoid disappointments



Please be aware we currently have limited rental weapon packages available         so it will be first come, first served. More hire packages will be available in the future.




Please visit our on site shop to purchase the items below.


BB Ammunition:  


  • £10.00  3000 0.2g Bio BB

  • £13.00  3000 0.25g Bio BB


Smoke and Flashbangs:

We allow the use of Enola Gaye, TLSFX impact and timed grenades only.



Please be aware that BBs and pyro will be in limited supply. You are free to bring your own BBs and pyro but pyro will be checked before use is allowed. 


IMPORTANT: If you are bringing your own pyro to our site please get it checked by the marshals as we have had some issues with certain makes of pyro.