Cotswold Airsoft Facilities.

Site has hard standing for car parking, covered changing and kit prep area and 'safe' zone. Male & female toilets with hand washing facilities. Canteen area with selection of hot drinks and snacks available as well as basic shop facilities. Unfortunately we cannot accept credit cards at this venue!

Site rules at a glance (See full rules for more details):

  • All FPS limits Measured with 0.20g bbs using the site chronograph.

  • Under 350fps for AEGS.

  • Under 450fps for sinper rifles/DMR/single shot long barrel weapons (30 meters minimum engagement distance).

  • All weapons brought to site will be chronographed before being allowed for use.

  • Weapons will also be subject to re-test at any point during the day.

  • Any weapon found to be over the limit will not be alowed on site. It is the weapon owners responsiblility to enusre that thier weapon is within site limits BEFORE coming to site.



  • We currently use Enola Gaye pyro that is available to buy on-site. (Please note pyro use may be restricted in certain areas when conditions may cause a fire hazard).



  • Biodegradable BBs only which do not shatter on impact are allowed on our sites.

  • For Hire Guns, Only bbs sold at our site are allowed in hire guns.


Note : Ages 16 and upwards (please ring for advice regarding parental consent and adult supervision.)