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Recent news​

Cotswold Airsoft Domain Name Change
March 2015

At last Cotswold Airsoft have their own domain name which should make the task of finding us easier. Spread the news fellow airsoft enthusiasts there's a new site in town and it is called cotswold

On-site Gun Tech
March 2015

We now have a resident gun tech for all those potential niggling problems that we all experience come game day. When he's not dispatching evil enemy airsofters with his epic tactical prowess he is actually an experienced and knowledgeable airsofter and will be on hand to diagnose all your V2 & V3 gearbox ills. If you should have any AEG related problems just ask for Chris Martin!

Happy New Year!
January 2015

After a long wait, we finally have these fresh from the tailors! Only one colour for the time being, velco backed for you convenience. A stunning recreation of our site logo to adorn your kit. It will look amazing but we cannot guarantee it will improve your gameplay!

Available at each game day till they sell out, £5 each.

'Tis The Season!
November 2014


With December fast approaching Cotswold Airsoft would like to extend season's greetings to you all and invite to come to play on December 7th. Those wishing to wear seasonal attire are more than welcome and whoever is judged to be wearing the most 'tasteful' Christmas jumper will be rewarded with their game fee waived. Hot food will be available as well as mince pies so visit some 6mm BB Christmas cheer on your friends and join us!

Cotswold Airsoft - Open For Business

June 2014


Cotswold Airsoft have been busy building several large defensive structures within the woods that should provide some interesting objective based scenerios over the next few months.

Our First Ever Game Day

June 2014


We were very excited about our first ever game day and had high hopes. Early minor teething problems were soon sorted and the day went as well as we expected. We felt that most people went away at the end of the with a positive impression of the site. We always listen to players feedback so game days in the future can be improved and players will benefit from the input they have put forward. 

Second Ever Game Day

July 2014


Searing summer heat could not deter our loyal airsoft players and our second game day ever went off without a hitch. Building on the experience and knowledge gained from our first ever game day we palyed through several planned scenarios but also took time out for players input into what they would like to do. All in all a throughly great day was had by all which culminated in a good natured 'pistol duel' at the end of the day!

The 'face' of Cotswold Airsoft

July 2014


We have been looking into the 'face' of Cotswold Airsoft and general feeling is that the one on the left would represent what we are about and the general ethos of airsoft. We hope to put it to good use promoting the site and hope to have it appearing on our customers loadouts as a morale patch (and promotional tool) in the near future. We'll keep you posted on availability.

The 'Lost Village'
August 2014


A change in the weather brought cooler temperatures to our third game day. Between game days the logging contractors have been in to open up clear some areas of the site revealing some interesting structures we have aptly name 'The Village'. Some enjoyable gameplay was had in and around these structures and we now have plans to develop this area further. See for yourself and book a place for next game day!

New 'Hire' Kit has arrived
October 2014


Cotswold Airsoft have purchased a couple of brand new shiny G36c's to go into the hire gun armoury. These will join the existing M4 & AK weapons available to hire should you find yourself short of a bit of hardware on game day! Hire gun details can be found here:

Cotswold Airsoft 'Branded' Ammo
October 2014


Recently arrived are our new Cotswold Airsoft 'branded' bb's. Presented in a clear poly bag that holds 3,000 .25g Rocket biodegradeable bb's. These will just as easily digested by the environment as the frozen peas that they resemble! Buy some next time you visit the site - you will not be disappointed with their quality and you'll be doing your bit to keep the site tidy and the planet healthy!

Preparing For The Colder Months
October 2014


The staff at Cotswold Airsoft have been busy between game days making improvements to the site. Players will notice that the covered safe zone is now enclosed to keep out the elements during colder days!. They have aslo been working on the game zones clearing away areas to make them more accessible and giving better arcs of fire. There are now more improved static defences too! Join us to see how the site just keeps getting better!

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